Week 35

4 weeks or 28 days or 1 month to go! However you say it, it’s not long and I can’t wait!

I have got practically everything for my hospital bag the past week and have started packing it today. I doubt very much that he’ll arrive early, but you know, just incase.

I saw the midwife last week and everything is as it should be. He is head down and keeps popping in and out of my pelvis. Its really not a pleasant feeling, especially when he does when I’m sitting down!! Ouchie! He is also measuring spot on with dates and baby is growing fine despite my lack of weight gain.

Talking of weight gain, or rather lack of. No weight on again this week. It could be that the kids and P have been unwell so they’ve not really eaten much and there’s been no point in cooking a big meal for myself. Thankfully I seem to avoided the lergy!

Baby this week is about 46cm long and around 2.4kg in weight. His kidneys and liver are all functioning and it purely is weight gain from now on!

I am looking rather huge at the moment, but oddly, I don’t feel that big!