A weekend in Venice

Venice has always been a place that I wanted to visit. Having seen its beauty in the movies and reading about how romantic it is, I always dreamed of going there for a weekend with the man I love.

We recently got the chance when my sister offered to have the children for the weekend so I could do something special for Paul’s 40th Birthday.

I planned everything, and just let Paul know that we were going so he could let his work colleagues know.

I found us cheap flights with Ryanair flying out from Stansted to Treviso Airport, and then I discovered a cute little B&B situated on the Lido in Venice, called Villa Venice Movie.

We couldn’t wait to spend some time together. We were flying in pretty late (10pm Italian time), and we hadn’t realised how long it would actually take for us to get to the B&B.

I had discovered earlier in the week that there are several airports situated around the Venice area. The main one being Marco Polo, with Treviso situated slightly further out. I had emailed Siro, the owner of the B&B and advised him of our flight details and checked that he was ok for us to check in so late, otherwise, I could find alternative accommodation, but he said it was ok.

I emailed Siro again as soon as we landed, and he advised that we would get to him past midnight after we had taken a 40-minute bus ride to Piazzale Roma which is the main bus, train and water taxi station. We then needed to get a water taxi to the Lido.

I really couldn’t apologise enough to him as I felt absolutely awful arriving so late.

By the time we got off the water taxi is was past 12, and after reading reviews on Trip Advisor, it was mentioned that the B&B was a 15-minute walk, is hard to find in the dark and a taxi was recommended. However, there were no taxi’s around so we dug out the google map app on our phone and decided to walk it.

The B&B – Villa Venice Movie

Villa Venice Movie was actually pretty easy to find. Siro let us in, and showed us our room and said we could check in properly in the morning.

Villa Venice Movie is a modern bed and breakfast situated in the quiet, central area of Venice Lido and has a beautiful canal view.

The interior is an homage to cinema, and the rooms are decorated tastefully with each room a different colour and movie star.

We stayed in the ‘Blue Room’ which had a large print of two Italian actors who made film history, Alberto Sordi and Anna Magnani. There were also pictures on the wall of Sophia Loren, and a chair in the corner signed by James Dean.

The awesome decor flowed throughout the B&B, and I love the chairs in the dining room.

A weekend in Venice

St Mark’s Square (Piazza San Marco)


A weekend in Venice

My outfit of the day for exploring Venice.



As we only really had one full day to explore Venice, we decided that we wanted to go to St. Mark’s Square where most of the museums, shops, Grand Canal and the famous Bridge of Sighs is situated.

We got a 48-hour water taxi pass for about 30 euros each as this would allow us to use the public transport as much as we wanted, and it seemed a better deal rather than paying around 7.50 euro each way to travel.

I was expecting St Mark’s Square to be busy but didn’t anticipate how busy it was going to be.

As soon as we got off the water taxi, it was just a mass of market stalls selling football shirts and the ‘I *heart* Venice’ clothing aimed specifically at tourists. We fought our way through the crowds to St. Mark’s Square whilst debating what to do first.

We decided that we would like to do Doge’s Palace, but the queue was so long, that we thought we would have a walk around first.





The queues to enter the palace, church and clock tower were particularly long, so we decided to have a wander round first.

I instantly fell in love with all the little back streets. Everywhere you turn, there was a little side street and water. The buildings were just remarkable.


I could have spent all day just snapping pictures of the architecture.




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  1. April 18, 2017 / 10:48 pm

    I never knew there was more than one airport either. We go there on Friday and I can’t wait for my husband and son to see Venice. It was one of my all time favourite holidays. I must have taken hundreds of photos and that was before digital cameras. Imagine what I’ll be like now. Thanks for this….. I hope it won’t be too busy when we go but I doubt it lol

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