When Kids Go Wrong

Sunday evening is when I’m normally on twitter whilst watching the results of Xfactor. I tweet a bit, reply to a few tweets etc.

Two things appeared in my timeline that disturbed me.

One was an article about a 5 year old girl being taken in to care due to weighing 10 stone.

The article reported that she had been tested for a condition that causes weight increase, although no result of the tests were given.

What I don’t get is that weight is a gradual increase. Surely it should have been picked up long before it was and she was taken in to care. How did it go unnoticed? Why were the parents not spoken to?

Then there’s the other hand. Was putting her in care necessary? Yes, the child needs to lose weight, and somewhere along the line the parents are at fault, but is taking a child away the answer? Surely educating the parents on healthy eating and nutrition would be better? Showing the parents, and child how to eat healthily, have a dietician involved, weekly checkups and visits from Social Services to ensure a healthy diet is being adhered to.

Surely that would be better for the child?

The other disturbing thing I saw was this:


I saw tweets describing the letter as the “best thing ever” and “hilarious”. In my opinion, if this story is true, it’s frightening.

A seven year old child to be pictured with a can of alcohol and a cigarette hanging out of his mouth is wrong on so many levels. It’s not funny.

To then have the same seven year old allegedly write a letter to Santa threatening to put his sisters kitten in a blender if he does not get a Playstation 4 for Christmas, quite frankly, is disturbing – not to mention the foul language used.

How can any parent person find this remotely funny? How can having a seven year old threaten such cruel actions if they do not get their own way hilarious?

I truly hope that this was a hoax. If not, then Social Services do need to step in, before the child becomes a statistic and ends up in young offenders.


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  1. December 9, 2013 / 8:56 am

    oh my word. Both these stories are disturbing in their own way. How is publishing that letter going to help that evil little boy, he’s just going to gloat and get more big headed about it, urgh