Whitworths Shot and the #WillpowerWorkout

Whitworths, the UK’s leading supplier of dried fruits, nuts, and seeds, has come to the rescue after the Christmas binge and dry January, with their Shots range: innovative and tasty little packs of delicious goodness all at under 100 calories. For those looking for a satisfying but low-calorie snack, Shots is the answer.

Designed to meet the growing demand for great tasting but healthy snacks, each pack of Shots combines delicious and nutritious blends of carefully selected dried fruit, nuts and seeds with a hint of tasty indulgence to help and not hinder your healthy eating plan.

I attended the #WillpowerWorkout with Whitworths and learnt some pretty good stuff – and it made me think about how we function as a family and what we can do to improve things.


Willpower Workout class-goers stretch out with Fitstagrammer Lilly SabriThis is definitely something we do well as a family. Paul and I are into our fitness and making sure that we exercise regularly. Jake plays tennis and the girls do stage school (singing, drama and dance). They also practice yoga at school. Zachary is just a big bundle of energy and is constantly running around. We could, however, participate in more family activities. Go on walks more etc.

Lilly Sabri – physiotherapist, pilates expert and fitstagrammer with 40k Instagram followers gave us a little pilates workout. I used to do pilates years ago, and really enjoyed it. It’s certainly something I am looking into taking up again as it’s not only great for your body but for your mind too.


I like to think that we are a fairly healthy family – although we all have our downsides. Sian Porter – dietician and nutritionist with over 20 years’ experience gave us some wonderful tips on how to eat healthily and talked to us about mindful eating and making every mouthful count.

Here are some more tips that Sian gave:

  • Eat when hungry, not for comfort and stress. Food should be enjoyed and pleasurable. Make food choices that are right for you.
  • Keep a food diary for 7 days. Write down what you eat, when and why you ate it. It will help you see if there are certain ‘go to’ foods at certain times.
  • Plan your meals and make sure you have a variety of different foods.
  • Portion control is good for weight loss and healthy eating.
  • What are you going to do with leftovers? Try to cook only what you need.
  • Think about your plate and glass sizes. Maybe reduce the size of them if they are too big.
  • Try to avoid buying unhealthy foods and make sure you have fruit visible – especially for the children!
  • If you’re bored, stressed or time pressured then try to surf the craving. Don’t use food as a solution to a problem – but don’t ban foods as it will simply make them more alluring.
  • Set aside time to eat at a table. Digestion actually starts with the sight and smell of food, so make sure there are no distractions when you eat. Take your time and enjoy each mouthful. Set good table manners! Put cutlery down between mouthfuls, and if possible, follow your meal with a short walk.
  • If you are going out for dinner, be prepared. Most restaurants now have menu’s available online, so have a look and see what is appealing. This also cuts out ordering time 🙂
  • Have some protein at each meal as it will help you feel full, thus reducing portion size and not overeating.
  • When dishing up, put the vegetables on first and they should take up half a plate, along with a quarter carbs and a quarter protein.
  • Don’t forget to enjoy your food. The 80/20 rule is good to remember. If you eat healthily 80%b of the time, then you can have a little treat the other 20%.


Hypnotherapist Darren Marks uses his hypnotic techniques on Willpower Workout class-goersHypnosis expert, Darren Marks explained how hypnosis is good for willpower and enabling you to conquer goals.

Hypnosis is basically an altered state of consciousness. When you are absorbed in something, you can often dip into a hypnotic state. It’s a natural state and something that we all experience daily. Ever been so engrossed in a book and the time has flown by? Or ever driven on a familiar journey, only to get there and wonder how?

Our subconscious minds don’t differentiate between real and imaginary experiences, which is why dreams can often feel so real.

We are all able to train ourselves to use hypnosis and meditation as a way of focusing our minds on things we want, and using the motivation to get to where we want to be.


Sleep Expert James Wilson speaks to Willpower Workout class-goersSleep. What is that again? I have to admit, it’s not something I do particularly well. I am a night owl. I find that I most of my energy appears in the evening. This results in me staying up late, unable to sleep or switch off, and when I do finally nod off, the blasted alarm clock is ringing and it’s time to get up – and I am an unhappy Rach.

This isn’t helped by the fact that Paul is an early bird, as is Abigail, and Jake rarely sleeps at all.

Sleep Council Expert, James Wilson, gave us some help with being able to get the whole family to sleep well.James told us that the 2 hours before bed are important, and rather than quantity of sleep, it’s all about the quality of sleep.

James told us that the 2 hours before bed are important, and rather than quantity of sleep, it’s all about the quality of sleep, as the brain clears out neurotoxins in your sleep, which helps keep things like Alzheimer’s and dementia at bay.

So, 2 hours before bed, start winding down and relaxing to get your body ready for sleep. Read a book, watch something light and not engrossing on TV. Don’t exercise, eat or use smartphones, laptops, tablets etc.

Smartphones and tablets emit a ‘blue light’ which is similar to sunlight, so your body may think it’s still daytime and not produce the melatonin needed to sleep. Although there are apps available which take out the blue light.

The room we sleep in is also important. Make sure you have a proper mattress to support you, as well as ensuring you have the correct pillow to support your neck and the position you sleep in. Natural fibre duvet’s are good for temperature control. The optimum room temperature for adults is 18-20 degrees for adults and 16-18 degrees for children.

James also recommended black out blinds and investing in a sunshine alarm clock as waking with light helps with getting up, so this is great for any night owls like me who want to get into a better routine in the morning…. although it does involve getting up at the same time every day – EVEN AT WEEKENDS!

Once you have gone to bed, if you don’t fall asleep within 45 minutes, then get up and start again. Even if it’s the middle of the night. But if you do struggle to sleep, there are a few things you can do.

  • Close your eyes and imagine a light at the end of a tunnel – take deep breaths as you slowly go towards the light. Concentrating on your breathing should stop any thoughts entering your head.
  • Take a line from a song (preferably a happy line) and say it over and over. The idea is that the repetitiveness of it will cause you to drift off to sleep.
  • Write down what has happened the day before and any solutions to problems you have. This is especially good if you’re a planner and like to be in control of things.
  • Don’t fret if you can’t sleep. Just accept it.

Class-goers enjoy a power-nap at the Whitworths Willpower Workout to boost their willpower levels. To take part in the class at home, visit www.youtube.com/whitworthsukThe most favourite piece of advice James gave was to nap during the day if you’re tired! But, there is a science to it. You have to nap for either 45 minutes or for 2.5 hours otherwise you will fee; groggy and worse than before you napped.



With a vibrant new design and foil fresh packaging, the skinny single packs provide a handbag size treat for on-the-go, convenient snacking – and there are eight yummy flavours to choose from!

Berry and White Chocolate Shot: An indulgent mix of cranberries, extra juicy, plump and large Chilean flame raisins and creamy white chocolate pieces (93 calories per pack)

Toffee Pecan Shot: A sweet and satisfying collection of juicy sultanas, dried chopped dates, toffee pieces and crunchy pecan nuts (99 calories per pack)

Fruity Biscuit Shot: A fruity blend of sunshine sultanas, cranberries and rich white chocolate-coated shortcake biscuits (93 calories per pack)

Orange and Chocolate Seed Shot: A classic mix of orange flavour cranberries, golden, succulent raisins, milk chocolate-coated and natural pumpkin seeds (95 calories per pack)

Raisin and Chocolate Shot: Plump golden and crimson raisins paired with rich dark chocolate balls make this the perfect simple-but-satisfying treat (91 calories per pack)

Blueberry and Seed Shot: A delicious juicy jumble of raisins, pumpkin seeds, yogurt-coated sunflower seeds and dried blueberries (98 calories per pack)

Cranberry and Almond Shot: A super-saintly mix of juicy, succulent crimson raisins, little jewel cranberries and toasted, crunchy almond slices with no added refined sugar (97 calories per pack)

Apricot and Seed Shot: A ‘clean eating’ blend of chopped, tender apricots, tangy cranberries, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds with no added refined sugar (88 calories per pack)

Shots are available now in Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Superdrug and WHSmith from 49p per pack.


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