Skydiving for Charity – The Reason Why

Skydiving in Memory of Matilda Mae You must know by now that next month I’m Skydiving for The Lullaby Trust in Memory of Matilda Mae.

There are 9 of us in total who are Skydiving and we thought it would be good to let everyone know the reasons why we’ve decided to jump.

I’ve followed Matilda Mae’s journey from her Birth, all the way through to reading about her passing in February.

I got the pleasure of meeting Jennie and Matilda Mae just days before Christmas at an event we were both at.

The day I read that post, my heart broke. I was absolutely devastated for Jennie, despite not knowing her very well. No parent should ever have to suffer the pain of losing a child.

I wanted to say something but I could never find the right words. What do you say to a Mother whose baby was suddenly taken away from her? What do you do to show that you’re thinking if them?

When Hayley from Simply Hayley suggested Skydiving for The Lullaby Trust, I knew I had up get involved.

I’ve always wanted to do a Skydive, even though it truly does terrify me, it’s always been on a Wish list of things I want to do, just to say I’ve done it.

I thought it would be great to be able to Skydive, raise money for a great Charity and to show Jennie that I think of her and her family all the time. I cannot turn back the clock, oh boy how I wish I could, but hopefully with all the money raised, more research can be done and stop other parents going through the same thing.

That is why I’m jumping from a plane.

If you would like to sponsor a member of the Team doing the Skydive, please visit our JustGiving page – Team Matilda Mae

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