WiW – Week 2

My Weight Loss Journey

This week hasn’t been particularly great. I’m late writing this post (although I did weigh myself Wednesday as usual), but I’ve not been well since Tuesday.

There’s been no change in my weight loss, and due to me feeling crap, I’ve not had time to start my 30-Day Shred DVD. However, I did buy myself the Thinking Slimmer Slimpod and have been listening to that every night.

I can see the Slimpod working in the fact that I’m not eating as much, leaving food on my plate etc. Now just need to focus more and opt for healthier options more of the time.

I’m really hoping to lose 3inches by 4th May, which should be achievable. I was quite shocked with my measurements tbh. I’ll share them with you:

Upper Arm: 12inches
Chest: 36inches
Waist: 44inches
Hips: 40inches
Thigh: 20inches

I think I’m pretty much at the largest I’ve ever been in non pregnancy and it makes me feel quite depressed and upset with myself.

I know some people probably won’t think that these sizes are particularly large, but they are for my family. All the women in my family are quite slight and all are slim, except me. My frame isn’t built to carry as much weight as I have and I am starting to feel it. It also means I hate having full length pictures taken, well my picture taken full stop really.

We have our first ever family shoot in 2weeks (yep, that’s first ever, not just first as a family of 6!)!! I know I’m not going to miraculously lose 3stone by then, but a few pounds or even an inch would be good!!

*Note to Self: Must work harder!!

This weeks WiW results are:

Week Two: stayed same 11st 10lbs (164lbs)

Week One: stayed same 11st 10lbs (164lbs)