My Word for 2015

So I have decided to #EmbraceHappy this year and one thing that Karin tasked us with in the #EmbraceHappy Facebook group, is to find a word for the year.

This word is to define, drive and direct your year. A word that you will be focused on. 

Word for 2015

I will be printing this word off and sticking it in my Filofax – so every time I open it, this will be the first thing I see. It will remind me of what I want to do this year.

This year I want to make some changes. This year I want to succeed at what I do.

I am currently studying for a Higher National Diploma (HND) in Business Marketing. Marketing and Social Media training is what I love and it is what I want to do in the long run. It is what I want to focus on. I have lots of plans for my career and 2015 is the year that I plan to make them happen.

I will be writing mini goals for the month as well as larger goals that I would like to accomplish before the year is out – both personal and business related. I really hope to achieve them. I believe I can achieve them – I just need to make sure that I carry on convincing myself that I can, as I am often my own worst critic! But, I am determined!

I want to succeed in 2015. I want to PROSPER.

Do you have a word that you can focus on for 2015?